It is important that you know where to head when you are in Kuching, because if you don’t, you’d fail to enjoy the best Kuching has to offer. Below are details on the 6 places you should go to when in Kuching.

Location: Located along Jalan Main Bazaar and Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, on the southern bank of Sarawak River and connects the old Kuching city center, to the new Kuching city center.
Getting here: You can walk, drive, take a taxi or bus to Kuching City Center (you can’t miss it)..
When: Opens to public daily with no time restriction.
Price: FREE entrance/walk
Why: Kuching’s favorite meeting point and family area.  The Kuching Waterfront never grows old among locals, and tourist love it as you can see them lazying around easily on the benches.  Kuching City’s best moments are normally captured from this waterfront, and if you are lucky, you’d get to experience one of the best sunsets ever!  A family oriented waterfront which is the pride of Kuching City.
What to do: Stroll along the waterfront, enjoy the romantic scene of the Sarawak River, take photos, go across river on the ‘Perahu Tambang’ / boat , read a book, go on the Sarawak River Cruise.

Location: Located at Carpenter Street & India Street (Opposite the Kuching Waterfront).
Getting here: You can walk, drive, take a taxi or bus to Kuching City Center (you can’t miss it).
When: Most vibrant from 9AM-6PM. Sundays may see most shops open half day.
Price: FREE entrance/walk
Why: Kuching’s Main Bazaar is diveded into two with Carpenter Street better known as China Town, and India Street.  This place is good to outsource souvenirs, handicraft and that ‘I love Kuching’ T-shirt at cheap prices.  Along carpenter street, you’d find locally popular coffee shops.  A part from that, photo enthusiast will love Kuching’s Main Bazaar because it’s actually a collection of old colonial era shop-houses, and this would make an excellent subject for street photography.
What to do: Buy souvenirs, eat popular local food Sarawak style, buy books and guides, buy clothing, do street photography, buy spices.

Location: Pantai Damai, Santubong.
Getting here: You can either drive, take a taxi or go on your selected tour.
When: Opens daily from 0900-1700, but try to be be in time for the cultural show which starts at 11:30AM & 4:00PM.
Price: RM 60.00 (Adult), RM 30.00 (Child : 6-12 years old), Free for Children aged under 6.
Why: The Living Museum as it is dubbed is Sarawak’s crown jewel in tourism as it won numerous awards around the globe.  If you have limited time in Sarawak, this is the place you’d want to go because it highlights almost everything regarding the Sarawakian culture.  Apart from that, the Sarawak Cultural Village is home to Malaysia’s best music fest, the Rainforest World Music Festival.
What to do: Learn about the local tribes in Sarawak, dance to local music, try local food, experience the local indegeneus traditional life, watch cultural shows, but souvenirs, drink tuak (rice wine).

Location: The Satok Sunday Market has been moved to Kubah Ria, which is across the Sarawak River.
Getting here: You can walk, take a boat, drive, take a taxi or bus to Satok.
When: Happens from 10AM (Saturday)-10AM (SUNDAY) every weekend.
Price: FREE Entrance/walk
Why: The Satok Sunday Market is practically Kuching’s biggest and most visited market in the city.  It gathers villagers and hawkers selling practically everything at the lowest prices.  You can expect to see local cakes, drinks, vegetable and many more.  As they saying goes, “if you can’t find the food at the Satok Sunday Market, you can’t find it in Kuching.”  Expect to walk in a flood of people and the most visited time is always Saturday night.
What to do: Street photography, buy food and fruits and numerous other things, check out local food/vegetables, local cakes, buy fresh vegetable/food/fish/meat, buy magazines.
Website: N/A

Location: Located at a protected forest reserve about 22KM from Kuching City.
Getting here: You can either drive or go on your selected tour.
When: Opens daily from 8AM-12PM and 2PM-4.15 pm.. Try to come during feeding time at 9AM-9.30AM & 3PM-3.30PM
Price: RM 3 (adult) and RM 1.50 (child)
Why: This is the closest place to get a glimpse of the Orang Utans.  This sanctuary holds these primates under close watch of the park rangers, ensuring them freedom, while at the same time keeping them safe from poachers and extinction.  You can also experience a feel of the Sarawak prime rainforest here, plus enjoy viewing some other animals sustained in this park.
What to do: Feed Orang Utans, Take photos with Orang Utans, Learn about Oran Utans.
Website: N/A

Location: Taman Kereta, Jalan Bukit Mata Office, Jalan Padungan,Kuching, Sarawak. (At Jalan Bukit Mata on top of Taman Kereta (multi-level car park))
Getting here: You can walk, drive, take a taxi or bus to Kuching City Center (you can’t miss it).
When: Opens daily from 11AM-2PM and 6PM-10PM. Maybe closed during public holidays.
Price: FREE Entrance.
Why: Arguably the most popular seafood and local food dining place in Kuching, TopSpot is known for serving affordable and delicious Sarawakian delicacies.  There are numerous stalls to choose from, and most of the food available are fresh.  It is also only a stone throw away from major hotels and the city center.
What to do: Eat local dishes such as Midin (Local fern), Ambal (Bamboo clams), Ayam Pansoh (Bamboo chicken), seafood, Oyster Omelet and drink beer, or other local drinks like Teh C Peng or sugarcane juice.

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