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Satok Hotels Kuching

Satok Hotels are located just beside Kuching’s old city centre (Heritage quarter) which has a more dominant Malay-Muslim presence.

The Satok area largely Patingan, Satok, Masjid, Maderasah, Reservoir, Nanas, and Patinggi Ali, but locals largely just call it ‘Satok’.  There’s a grey area among the locals when specifically identifying whcih area is deemed to be part of Satok, but a good guide used by the locals would be to put anything within 1KM of Jalan Satok (Satok road) as being in Satok.

Hotels here enjoy close proximity to shopping malls such as Masja Mall, Wisma Satok and Wisma Hopoh, hence making it one of the more prominent Central Business Districts in Kuching.  As a matter of fact, Satok area itself is known among locals for having plenty of banks outlets.

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Among popular Satok landmarks are the Satok (Kubah Ria) market, Wisma Satok, St Joseph Cathedral and the the Kuching Old Mosque.  Since it’s nearby the Kuching old city centre, favourite tourist spots within Kuching City Centre are also not too far, taking about 10 – 15 minutes by foot.

Below are Satok Hotels you can choose from.

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