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The Fabulous Kumar in Kuching

So last Saturday night I had the privilege to watch the Fabulous Kumar in Kuching.

As you may have known, I mentioned that the Fabulous Kumar was happening in Kuching.

The hall, as expected was packed and queues were already forming as the doors opened.

Fabulous Kumar
The queue of the guest

I knew stand-up comedy was growing in Kuching, but I never expected so many to attend especially since the tickets weren’t exactly cheap.

However, let me say that whatever price paid for the tickets, it was worth it.


To get everyone warmed up to Kumar, Bryan Tan was introduced.

Fabulous Kumar in Kuching

Likening himself as one of those freebie key-chains you get when you buy something, Bryan talked in length about being Chinese and the Chinese culture.

His ability to link today’s happenings and create jokes out of them makes him a very promising stand-up comedian.


Kumar’s entry into the hall was energetic with Beyonce’s “Who Rocks The World” played at the background.

Kumar’s first words however brought laughter to everyone in the hall. It was a great sign of what could be expected in the next 60 minutes.

The theme of the day was sex and Kumar spoke in length about the need to make babies while elaborating about the process in the funniest way possible.

Kumar also sneaked in a bit on politics, and also funny details about Singapore which made me smile and laugh out loud as well.

If that wasn’t enough, Kumar also poked fun on those who didn’t get his jokes which usually came in the sense of “you know I know”.

At the end of the show, I thought Kumar nailed the show.


Everyone knows Kumar is a leading stand-up comedian and Kumar indeed delivered last night. By far, Kumar is the best stand-up comedian I’ve seen performing in Kuching.

Based on my observations, everyone was happy with the show and those who couldn’t make the show were disappointed after hearing post-comments.

A couple of friends I bumped into also praised Kumar for his versatility and performances.

Just to note that I couldn’t take any photos during the show as it was prohibited.

Regardless, the Fabulous Kumar is worth every penny and one should take time to enjoy it if the opportunity presents itself again.


Cyril Dason

Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.

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