The Sungai Bintangor waterfront will have a new landmark once the Sungai Bintangor bridge is completed in less than two years.

Announced by Chief Minister of Sarawak, Datuk Patinggi Dr Abang Haji Abdul Rahman Zohari Tun Datuk Haji Openg, the project will see the current Sungai Bintangor bridge demolished to make way for an iconic bridge which will be completed in 2022.

According to a report by UKAS (Unit Komunikasi Awam Sarawak), Abang Johari is confident that the new bridge can be a tourist magnet once completed.

TV Sarawak on the other hand reported that Abang Johari explained the upgrade of the bridge would introduce help decrease traffic congestion in the city as it will open up an alternative route for drivers.

Sungai Bintangor bridge
An artist impression of the Sungai Bintangor bridge

The local TV news agency also reported that the Chief Minister believes that locals would benefit socioeconomically as the bridge itself will be an attraction to visit the area.

Based on the drawings released by TV Sarawak and also UKAS, the new Sungai Bintangor bridge will have four lanes for cars and it will be slightly suspended over the Sungai Bintangor Waterfront.

The bridge will have suspension cables holding what seems like a ‘tower’ in the middle of the bridge.

The tower itself is made out of three massive columns, with a unique rectangular design completing its structure.

Suara Sarawak reported that the cost of building the new Sungai Bintangor bridge is around RM50 million, and overall works to upgrade and beautify the surroundings had started since December 2019.