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Selected non-essential stores allowed to open in Kuching

The Sarawak government has relaxed the Movement of Conrol (MCO) for selected businesses today by allowing three types of businesses to operate on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

According to the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee’s statement, the three businesses allowed to open for business on the said days are hardware shops, agricultural input shops (selling fertilizer, poison and pet food) and spare part shops catering to industrial and agriculture machines.

These businesses will be allowed to open from 7AM to 7PM on both Tuesdays and Thursdays weekly in Sarawak, which includes Kuching.

Prior to this, only businesses related to essential services were allowed to operate by the government and it is believed that the move to relax the MCO for the three businesses mentioned above is to support the food and agriculture industry.

We updated our listing on business hours of shops/supermarkets/pharmacies in Kuching.


Cyril Dason

Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.

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