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Road to Kapit ready by 2017, new vocational school for Kapit

The government will construct the final link of road needed to connect Kapit to the rest of Sarawak by road. According to news paper reports, the ‘missing link’ of 9.6 kilometres between Nanga Temalat in Song and Nanga Ngemah in Kanowit will be completed by 2017.

RM87 million has also been allocated by the government to enable the Kapit/Song/Kanowit road to be completed and linked to the rest of the Trans Borneo Highway.

The government would also spend RM700 million to complete a 101 kilometre-road that would link Kapit to Sibu through Kanowit.

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Kapit is the only division headquarters in the Sarawak that was still inaccessible by road from other major towns.

Another RM37 million will also be allocated to build a road from Sungai Banyau to Sungai Mujong which would enable people in Baleh and Pelagus to have direct access to Kapit town.

Aside from road projects, a vocational training school would also be built in Kapit.

Source: BP

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