The Reservoir Park Kuching, will be known as Unity Park once upgrades on its infrastructure is completed in 2023.

The Sarawak Heritage Society said that the park has significant history background as it was the site of a water supply infrastructure which provided Kuching with treated water from 1895.

Kuching is in fact known to be the second town in present Malaysia to have urban water supply after Penang.

At the site of the Reservoir park the infrastructure included a water tower and, like in Penang, an aqueduct.

That part is said to have fallen in disuse by the 1930’s. When it was decided to convert the site into a public park, the director of the Singapore Botanic gardens was invited to advise on its planning.

The Park was re-landscaped in the mid 1970’s with footbridges, pavements, walkways and construction of the amphitheater after the Park was extended to include parts of the former Sarawak Club golf course.


Before the redevelopment of the park, it had basic recreational facilities such as benches, gazebos, a playground and jogging lanes. There were also adequate parking spaces available for member of the public.

There was a water fountain in the middle of the lake, and the red bridge in the middle of the lake is the icon of the park.

Once the the RM20 million renovation works are completed, expect water features, LED lighting around the park, CCTV cameras and Sarawak’s various ethnic groups represented in the newly built gazebos.

The improvement works include environmental quality of the lake and restoration of the existing buildings to turn them into restaurants, cafeteria, craft centre, gym.

Below are some photos of the park prior to the renovation works in 2020.


The easiest way to go to Unity Park is by ride hailing services or taxis.  You can also drive there by using the map below.

If you are staying in any hotels within the Kuching City Centre, you can easily walk to the park.


The park is one of the oldest in Kuching and it is very popular due to its greenery and surroundings.

After renovations are completed, the park is expected to become an icon of Kuching City.