There is 16 new Covid-19 local infections in Kuching district alone reported today.  This makes up of more than half of the 25 new cases throughout Sarawak today.

This automatically elevates Kuching to being a red zone for Covid-19 cases with 53 reported cases in the last 14 days.

If combined with import transmissions, Kuching district has 21 new infections today.

A new cluster was also announced in Kuching district, known as the Satok Market cluster.

This new cluster brings in four new Covid-19 cases, hence adding the number of cluster in Kuching to nine, from the total of ten currently available in Sarawak.

The Sentosa cluster remains the most infectious with nine new cases added today. This puts the Sentosa cluster to have 30 active Covid-19 cases in the statistics.

Overall, Kuching district remains the only district in Sarawak and Malaysia with the most number of infections, followed by Samarahan (12 local infections), and then Serian (2 local infections).

In addition to Kuching’s worrying Covid-19 numbers, Lundu today also turned into a yellow zone for Covid-19 infections today with one case detected.

The government has taken action to group all the yellow zone divisions in Sarawak (Kuching, Samarahan and Serian) into Zone 1 yesterday, and had limited movement of people from these districts to other divisions, which are placed in Zone 2.