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10 popular places to eat Laksa Sarawak in Kuching

Laksa Sarawak has been described as ‘The breakfast of the Gods’ by popular travel host Anthony Bourdain during his last visit to Kuching, and he is aptly correct.

Created with a handful of beehoon (vermicelli rice noodles), drowned in a perfectly cooked special prawn-based broth, and served with a generous portion of omelette strips, crunchy bean sprouts, chicken shreds, and plump prawns, with a squeeze of calamansi lime for extra zest and thick sambal paste makes this dish quite an experience when had in the morning.

Like any dish, one would need to know where they can get the best of Laksa Sarawak to avoid disappointments, so here we’ve listed a few places local Kuching people frequent to get their dose of Laksa Sarawak.  The list here is in random order.


Golden Arch

Golden Arch Cafe opens early on a daily basis to serve Laksa Sarawak.  Here, presentation is secondary to taste with Laksa Sarawak getting ordered every five minutes until it’s finished.  But if you are in a hurry, don’t worry, because the owner has prepared a lot for the dish to last until at least 11AM.  The Laksa Sarawak here has a slightly thick paste, and it is considered one of the more spicy ones.  Prices differ according to the sizes of the prawns accompanying the laksa, but prices are fixed based on ‘normal size’, ‘special size’ and ‘super special size’. [Location on Google Maps]


Po Lam Laksa

Located not far from the heart of the city (a few minutes from Hotel Longhouse) is Chong Choon Cafe. This Cafe is packed for numerous reasons, but Laksa Sarawak made by Poh Lam Laksa is definitely one of it.  It opens early, by be ready to be disappointing if you arrive here by 10AM. Laksa Sarawak comes in one size only and seating is limited. The laksa broth here is delicious, but the prawns are limited to one size. If you are unwilling to share tables, be prepared to stand for quite sometime. A ‘sort of branch’ of Chong Choon opened in BDC (near the Kenyalang Interchange) called Sin Chong Choon. – Photo above by [Location on Google Maps]


Laksa Sarawak Chong Hui Cafe

Choon Hui Kopitiam serves the world famous Laksa Sarawak TV food host Anthony Bourdain loves.  Anthony came twice to Kuching and went here on both occasions, with the second time ordering two bowls of laksa.  The kopitiam is usually packed in the morning, and the laksa broth is just nice.  [Location on Google Maps]


Mom's Laksa in Jalan Astana

There are three (or more) branches for Mom’s Laksa; the ones we know are located in Jalan Semarak, Jalan Haji Taha (nearest to the town centre), and Jalan Astana (Petra Jaya). The gravy for Mom’s Laksa is thick, and it can become rather spicy at times. In terms of presentation, there’s nothing much to shout about, but fans of Mom’s Laksa love it because of it’s unique home made taste.  There are two types to order from, which are the normal (standard) laksa Sarawak, or the special one. The difference is in the prawn count for each version. At the Jalan Astana branch, they serve tiger prawns on a weekends with different (more expensive) pricing. [Location on Google Maps]


Chef Ahid Laksa stallCheg Ahid’s laksa can be found in two locations on a daily basis. You can savor this laksa at Benteng, Kubah in the mornings, or feast on it at night at Kubah Ria after 10AM. Servings are generous, and you have the option of requesting Tiger Prawns (which will be charged by the gram), or a standard prawns for your laksa. To us, Chef Ahid’s laksa is just perfect as it is not too spicy, and the gravy is not too thick. Expect to pay over RM10 for Sarawak Laksa with Tiger prawns.  The laksa was also served to late Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem, and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. [Location on Google Maps]


Madam Tang's

Madam Tang’s Cafe was one of the first few laksa cafes in Kuching which actually branched out.  The cafe now serves their delicious version of Laksa Sarawak in three other locations around town, namely The Spring, Brighton Square and Jalan Petanak.  For those craving Laksa Sarawak at odd hours, Madam Tang’s Cafe is the best bet for a consistent taste of Laksa Sarawak goodness.  Usually, Madam Tang’s Laksa Sarawak is well presented, just in case you want to snap away. [Location on Google Maps]


Fat Cat Laksa Stall

Located in Stutong area, Fat Cat is known for serving good Laksa Sarawak. While the cafe itself closes at noon, the Laksa Sarawak stall closes when the broth prepared for the day is sold out, usually before 10AM. Be prepared to wait for an empty seat, and for your drinks. [Location on Google Maps]


Foody Goody Cafe

Another Laksa Sarawak stall in Stutong is Ah Mui Laksa. Located in Foody Goody Cafe (near KPJ Kuching Hospital/Opposite the Stutong Market).  The laksa comes in three different sizes which refer to the number of prawns you get added to your laksa.  The broth is slightly thicker but delicious and the accompanying chicken meat is soft.  The laksa runs out at about 11AM, in which the stall closes. [Location on Google Maps]


Alfred Laksa Kuching
Alfred Laksa Kuching

This is perhaps the best Sarawak Laksa ever, and I must have it on a weekly basis. Located at Chopsticks at iCOM Square in Pending and also at their own stall just behind M-Hotels Kuching (near the river), the laksa broth is light and not too spicy, and the chicken meat is tender and nice. The laksa runs out very fast, and you will need to be in line by 10 AM if you want to enjoy their specials. Usually, the laksa is gone by 11AM, so you may want to hurry. [Location on Google Map]

Below are some images of the different Laksa Sarawak we have featured here.

Did we miss out any? Let us know! If your favourite laksa place is listed, share!

Cyril Dason

Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.

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