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Pesta Regatta Batang Kayan 2022: Details and updates

The Pesta Regatta Batang Kayan 2022 will be held from 23 – 25 September 2022, and organizers are expecting 14 teams to participate in the regatta component of the event.

Based on information share to Sarawak Voice, the regatta will be held at the Lundu Waterfront, while the festival itself will be held around Lundu Town.

Highlights of Pesta Regatta Batang Kayan 2022

According to the organizers, the 14 teams competing in the regatta will come from Kuching, Simunjan, Sri Aman, Belaga, and Miri with traditional teams like Landas, and Puteri Kilat also part of the competition.

The event will likely used by participating teams as a ‘warm-up’ for the upcoming Sarawak Regatta which will be held next month.

Another highlight of the event the night concert which will feature local artist such as Ricky El, Jay Jay, Iwan Dasri and more.

Pesta Regatta Batang Kayan tentative

To know what and where things are happening, you can refer to the schedule below which was shared by Pusat Khidmat N3 Tanjong Datu Lundu.

Do note that the schedule above is accurate up to 19 September 2022 and any last minute changes are not reflected.

Venue and layout

The regatta itself will be held at the Lundu Waterfront, while other events will be held around Lundu.

To get to Lundu, you are strongly advised to rent a car.  The map to Lundu can be seen below.

Note that accommodation in Lundu is limited, so if you plan to go to the festival, it is strongly advised to book your accommodation early, or do a day trip from Kuching City.

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