Damai Puri, Kuching beach Hotels
Damai Puri

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Kuching beach Hotels are best known to provide an escape away from the chaotic life in the city especially when paired together with Kuching’s rainforest which is known to be one of the most enigmatic.

These kind of hotels are largely concentrated in Lundu, Sematan and Santubong. These areas are about 45 minutes to 3 hours drive from Kuching City.

The limited number of large hotels near the beach in Kuching is complimented by homestays, which offer additional space and experience such as local cooking and style of life.

However, areas like Lundu and Santubong in particular are experiencing a lot of growth lately, and the tourism industry, as well as hotel options may increase in the future.

Kuching’s coastline is very much untouched and under-served that you are very likely to have the whole beach to yourself at some point.

While the beaches aren’t as pretty as those in Krabi or Bali, Kuching beaches are known to be less hectic and more relaxing.

Aside from relaxing, selected popular beach activities are available.  Surfers tend to prefer Sematan beach due to it’s bigger waves.

Currently, these are the beach accommodations in Kuching to choose from:


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