The city of Kuching would soon experience free wifi services following an agreement between DBKU and PPTelecom.

Costing an innitial RM10 million, the free wifi project is under the ‘DBKU Metropolitan Free Wifi’ project.

The first phase of the deal would see areas from Kuching Waterfront to Padang Merdeka covered with the free network, with areas such as The Spring Mall, Kuching International Airport and the Sarawak General Hospital also listed as benefactors of the project.

In terms of speed, PPTelecom is promising 5-15Mbps for now, but will look into increasing the speed and number of access points shall the need arises.

Other areas which might also get the free wifi service in the future are Damai, Satok and Petra Jaya, but no concrete date has been set for roll outs in such areas.

With the free wifi project, Kuching now joins Penang and Johor Bharu to offer similar services for free.

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