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The Bidayuh Cultural Village (or BCV is a massive cultural village built on a three-acre site in Singai, Bau – Kuching.

It is a project under the Association of Research and Development Movement of Singai Sarawak (REDEEMS).

Construction of the cultural village started in 2017.

What to expect

On BCV, comprises of 40 longhouse units.

In the centre sits a ‘baruk’ stage with basement changing and waiting room.

There’s a VVIP grandstand, light and sound control room, a basement car park for 155 cars, and a 1.1-acre ‘tanju’ platform which is the largest ‘tanju’ to date.

The BCV is built to feature a Bidayuh traditional longhouse with modern characteristics for durability and contemporary usage for cultural activities and tourism development, as well as social enterprise and community development.

Bidayuh Cultural Village location

The BCV is located within REDEEMS Centre, which is located outside of Kuching City.  It takes about an hour to reach the site from Kuching town centre.

It is therefore advised to rent a car or take a taxi to go to the location.

Bidayuh Cultural Village operating hours

The centre is not open yet, and there is no official operating hours just yet.

More on the BCV and the Bidayuhs

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