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36 Josephians scored straight As in SPM 2021

A total of 36 St Joseph’s Private Secondary School (SJPSS) students scored straight As in their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2021 examination when the results were announced earlier today.

The school which had 165 students taking the SPM examination last March saw one student score straight A+s for the examination with another eight students scoring 8 or 9 A+s.

77 students came away with all As and Bs.

SJPSS Acting Principal Fr Stanley Goh, SJ congratulated the graduates of 2021 on doing commendably despite the challenges that stemmed from the pandemic, online school and the difficulties in teaching and learning that resulted.

He was quoted as saying “These students had to endure online school for almost their entire time in upper secondary but showed a great amount of resilience to endure all the struggles while still striving to do their best.

They truly did us proud and demonstrated the Josephian spirit of courage in times of adversity.”

Aside from that, Fr Stanley also said that such achievement is proof that the teachers in the school are committed towards their students studies as they go beyond their teaching duties for their students.

“It’s also a testament to the wonderful teachers that we have in this school who constantly went above and beyond to ensure that the students could learn well during the difficult times in lockdown and quarantine.

“But their role was more than just teaching as I know that their care and encouragement were crucial in keeping our student’s spirits up even in difficult times.

Much gratitude to all our teachers for all that they are.” he added.

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