A new Bau Town attraction is making waves on social media for the right reasons, and its known as the Tasik Biru floating chalets.

The sleepy former gold mine town will soon have its very first floating chalets, and this may mark the entry of Bau Town’s very first proper hotel.

As the name suggest, the chalets will be located at Tasik Biru Resort City (which is actually part of Tasik Biru) and is just a few minutes from Bau town.

Facilities on Tasik Biru floating chalets

According to a Facebook post by the management of the chalets, the floating chalet official name is Roxy Tasik Biru Floating Chalets.

Once ready, those who come to the chalets can enjoy a stay over the calm waters of Tasik Biru.

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Aside from a relaxing time on the lake, the management also said that there would be activities like cycling and boat rides available.

It is understood each chalet will have individual bathrooms, and there will be a total of four units of floating chalets with another four units of being landed chalets.

Below are a few photos obtained from various sources including Roxy Hotel, and Facebook user John Rantai.

First impression on the chalets do give a very positive vibe, and the knowledge Tasik biru itself is a very calm place makes this a possible perfect gateway from the busy city life.

It would be nice if each chalet has its own barbeque place, don’t you think?

When will Tasik Biru floating chalets open?

There is no mention when this new Bau attraction will be operational or open to the public, but judging from the layout and also setting, it might be soon.

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