Pantai Trombol @ Golden beach at Telaga Air Kuching is located some 40 minutes from Kuching City.

The usually quiet beach had recently found fame thanks to its beautiful sunset and wide beach, with many now making a beeline to the beach despite the uneven road leading to the beach.

The government has made plans to improve facilities around the beach due to its growing popularity.

What to expect at Pantai Trombol

While there’s nothing much going on the beach when this article is written, photos on social media show that the beach does have a ‘desert-like vastness complete with entire uprooted trees strewn over the dry sand’, an abandoned wrecked boat and a long and wide coastline.

The combination of these elements give something different to Kuching as the beaches known usually have short coastline.

A visit here would also provide one with a different angle of Mount Santubong, Mount Serapi and the Talang Satang National Park.

The beach probably has one of Kuching’s longest and widest coastline, and it is accessible by car although I wouldn’t advice driving on the beach because cars, particularly city cars, aren’t made to be driven on the sand.

Since the place is now a local tourist attraction, it is likely that effort will be made to improve amenities in the near future.  For now, there’s really nothing but nature here.

Anyway, if you have not been to Trombol beach Telaga Air Kuching, here’s some photos I’ve sourced online which are credited to their respective owners for you to enjoy.

How to get to Pantai Trombol @ Golden beach

The only way to get to this beach is by private car/bike.

There is no sealed road to the beach, and vehicles need to pass a rather muddy/gravel road to reach the beach.

If you are planning to go to Pantai Trombol @ Golden beach, the map below will help.

Pantai Trombol and the future

It is exciting to know that Kuching has this massive beach tucked nearby.

However, with the beach gaining popularity, it is hoped that more would be done to control the activities there so that it will remain charming for generations to come.

If you are planning to to go Pantai Trombol, do avoid weekends and public holidays because there may be a crowd.

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