Individuals who are fully vaccinated can now enter Sarawak, including Kuching with less restrictions than before.

After the inter-district travel restrictions were lifted last week, the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) over the weekend announced that inter-state travel into Sarawak, and Kuching would be allowed with less Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Good news for vaccinated individuals

The move will now see those coming to Kuching, and Sarawak, able to do so without requiring a police permit.  A police permit was required prior to this.

According to the press statement by SDMC, fully vaccinated individuals also just need to apply to enter Sarawak using the EnterSarawak app, and obtain a negative rt-PCR /  ANTIGEN result from clinics or health facilities three days prior to entering Sarawak.

They will also be required to show proof they are fully vaccinated as well.

The infographics by SDMC can be seen below.

Enter Kuching restrictions for unvaccinated individuals

For unvaccinated individuals, it is understood that very restrictive SOPs remain intact with a police permit and quarantine still required for travel into Sarawak.

What the new SOPs mean

The relaxation of the SOPs mean that interstate travel to Sarawak is now much easier, at least for fully vaccinated individuals.

However, some have cited that the documentation required to apply to Enter Sarawak via the EnterSarawak is still very tedious.

Regardless, not requiring a police permit to travel to Sarawak now means that domestic travel will slowly gain traction with even lesser restrictions expected in coming months.

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