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The beautiful Kampung Chupak in Serian

Kampung Chupak is a tranquil Bidayuh village located some 30 minutes from Kuching City.

While I mostly cover Kuching and it’s happenings, I do love to see other beautiful things happening around Sarawak.

Here, drone flyer Syukri Arabi tagged KuchingBorneo, and informed me that he had visited a village in Siburan, Serian called Kampung Chupak.

Below is a stunning video below of the village, which I obtained from his Facebook.

Kampung Chupak has been identified as a tourism product by the relevant authorities sometime ago, but lack of promotion has led the village to be less known by many.

This video made by Syukri is an amazing reminder of what the village has to offer to tourist. It is also a great example of what hidden treasures can be found within the Kuching outskirts.


In case you are wondering, Kampung Chupak is located way before you reach Serian Town.

It is just after Tapah town and is located under the jurisdiction of Serian Division.

There’s only one way to go there, which is by land. If you are rich enough, you could rent a helicopter, like our ministers.  Else, the best option is to rent a car in Kuching as I don’t know of any tours actually covering Chupak.

If you are driving, just use the Kuching – Serian highway until you reach Tapah.  Keep right after Tapah Bazaar, and find a U-Turn exit. Use that U-turn exit.

Look for a sign that says ‘Kampung Chupak’ or SMK Tun Abdul Razak (Dragon School), and turn into that road.

Drive straight until u reach a bridge. After the bridge, a signboard will tell you to turn right into a narrow road. Signare to Kampung Chupak is quite prominent.

This road will take ends at Kampung Chupak. It is narrow but sealed, so you need not to get your feet dirty.


Aside from the beautiful country side of Sarawak, Kampung Chupak is also good for Caving with a cave known as Gua Raya (also known as Gua Keyu on the official Serian Division site) quite popular among tourist.  The cave does have proper wooden walkways and entrance, and is said to be hide-out during the communist insurgence.

Gua Raya entrance
Entrance to Raya Cave. Photo: Ronorenstein

The beautiful paddy fields can mimic the likes of Toba Batak in Sumatera, Indonesia, or even Ninh Binh in Vietnam, two famed tourist destinations which are popular for their paddy fields.

Raya Cave, Chupak
Raya Cave, Chupak. Photo by Edhuitoo/BombasticBorneo

The place is rather un-explored, which explains why it somehow slipped the tourist map when Sarawak is promoted outside.

The Ministray of Tourism did however give some RM300,000 to upgrade facilities to Gua Raya, but the place has since remained as it is.

Irregardless, I believe you should go check out Kampung Chupak before it becomes too ‘touristy’..


There’s no five star accommodation in Kampung Chupak, but you can opt to stay in Kuching City and hire a ride to Kampung Chupak.

Be reminded that Kampung Chupak is a village that’s not exactly on the tourist map, so do hire your car for a round trip.

For now, I do not know anyone doing any tours to the village.

Cyril Dason

Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.

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