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Hydrogen feeder buses likely to complement ART services in Kuching

The up-coming Autonomous Rapid Transport (ART) which will be built to serve Kuching and parts of Samarahan will likely be complemented by Hydrogen buses.

According to an article by DayakDaily, Sarawak Metro has been tasked to look into the matter to ensure ‘first-mile and last-mile’ connectivity to the system.

It is further elaborated in the article that these busses would cover a 2KM radius from the ART system stations which is going to be built.

Another article from the portal also mentioned that the first ART vehicle will be in Kuching next year, in time for Sarawak Metro’s proof of concept of the ART scheduled next year.

The information comes to light as the Kuching Urban Transportation System or KUTS was officially launched at the site of the up-coming Rembus depot which is scheduled to be built in the coming months.

Once completed, the depot will not only be the heart of the transportation system, but also serve as a vital hydrogen production centre for Sarawak.

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Cyril Dason

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