The Sarawak government is currently building its very own Sarawak Archive Building in Kuching.

News by SarawakVoice reports that the building is currently under construction just beside the Pustaka Negeri Sarawak, which is in Petra Jaya.

The 25,805 square feet building will be a two storey building.

It is currently being built on plot of land that measures about 17.5 acres.

Once completed in 2024, the building will be equipped with Automated Storage And Retrieval System (ASRS) with robotics used to help during information search.

No further details on the specifications of the project were mention in the article except that it was approved by the government two years ago.

More information on the building can be read in the Sarawak Archive post

Sarawak Archive Building: A time capsule of documents

Having a Sarawak’s very own archive will definitely be beneficial for those seeking references to past years of Sarawak.

As we may be aware, Sarawak in general lacks a proper place for retrieval of such documents and this is unfortunate considering the massive history of Sarawak owns.

The construction of a proper Sarawak Archive therefore will address the lack of a proper space or place to keep such information in the near future.

This comes as a dedicated Sarawak Archive means that important documents which has been produced and published can now be stored properly in a centralized location with the public able to gain access and learn about past documents and events.

Based on the article by SarawakVoice, it also means that all these documents would be digitally compiled hence allowing better access to the public.

It is therefore hoped that the building will live up to its potential once it is completed.

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