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Final destination determines where quarantine will be done

Malaysians coming into Kuching will no longer need to stay at Covid-19 quarantine centres if their last destination is a town or city where Covid-19 tests are readily available.

According to the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) Secretariat, the mandatory quarantine in hotels will now be only for travellers whose last destination is in the rural and interior areas.

This rule is also applicable to travelers heading for the rural and interior areas via transit from other places.

“Those of them whose last destination is in the rural and interior, and far from a Health Clinic with facilities to do Covid-19 sampling, will be quarantined at the hotel. Samples will be taken on the second day of their arrival. And if the test result is negative, only then they will be allowed to head to their respective homes,” it said in the statement.

New quarantine ruling by SDMC. Graphics by SDMC

The change in quarantine method however does not mean that travelers arriving in Kuching will be free to move about.

In fact, SDMC says that these travelers (those whose last destinations is at the urban centres and located near Health Clinics with Covid-19 sampling facilities) are still required to undergo home quarantine.

“Covid-19 samples will be taken on second day of arrival. If the test result is negative, they do not have to continue the remainder of their quarantine.

“For airports which provide screening centres, the Covid-19 samples will be taken once they arrive at the airport,” it added.

Aside from that, all non-Sarawakians entering into Sarawak will no longer need to apply and fill up the EnterSarawak form, but will still need to fill up the E-Health Declaration Form which is mandatory.

“Those foreigners and Malaysians who come or transit from overseas, they still need to fill up both the Enter Sarawak form and the E-Health Declaration Form,” it added.


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