Borneo SongWak Water Music Festival 2024

SongWak offers a music festival with a difference

The Borneo SongWak Water Music Festival 2024, or better known as SongWak Festival, is the first water festival of its kind in Kuching.  It will be happening on 26 – 28 July 2024 at the Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV) Kuching.

Performers at the SongWak Festival 2024

The festival will bring four performers, namely Maldovan Sasha Lopez, Nicole Chen, Jade Rasif and Saixse.

Sasha Lopez is the highlight of the festival as it is his Malaysian debut.  He had also received 2 gold records in Canada and Japan for his single, “All My People” and was nominated at the Romanian Music Awards 2013 for his song “Beautiful Life” in the Best DJ category.

Borneo SongWak Water Music Festival 2024 tickets

Entry only tickets to the festival cost RM588/pax, with those opting for hotel stays at Damai Beach and Damai Lagoon charged RM1388 and RM1888 respectively.

Each package with hotel stay comes with a 3 days/2 nights Deluxe room accomodation, 2 days Splash Zone entry and 3 days Damai Central access.

Those opting for a stay at Damai Lagoon will enjoy special access to Songwak Pool after party.

Early bird tickets for the entry tickets will be able to purchase the RM588/pax tickets at RM250/pax.

No discount was mentioned by the organizers for the hotel packages.

You can buy tickets at this link.

About Borneo SongWak Water Music Festival

Songwak features a Water Festival with various water-based events and activities. This include water splash events, which the organizers claim to fun and refreshing atmosphere which sets it apart from other music festivals.

Aside from being a water based festival, the festival also presents an international and local line-up which highlights Borneo’s vibrant music scene while at the same time promoting cultural exchange.

In addition to that, Songwak also features elements of eco-friendly practices and sustainability by reducing single-use plastics, implementing proper waste management, maintaining a sustainable ecosystem, and featuring an eco-conscious food festival.

Such move is to raise environmental awareness among the crowd and festival goers.

Where is Borneo SongWak Water Music Festival

Aside from having its main concert at the Sarawak Cultural Village, the festival seems to also cover Damai Central and Damai Lagoon Hotel.

All three locations are within a walking distance from each other so you need not worry about transportation if you do attend the event.

To go to the Sarawak Cultural Village, you can refer to the map below.

Note that parking space is limited so it is highly encouraged to take public transport to the venue of the event.

More details on SongWak Festival

To get more details on the festival, do visit the links below.


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