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Award winning ÁT ADAU to perform this Saturday

St. Joseph’s Family of Schools’ (SJFS) “Rhythm and Colour: The Family Celebrates!” this Saturday will see award winning band ÁT ADAU performing as the band help the school raise funds for the new school building which is proposed at Jalan Nagor.

The band started as an experimental world music band in 2014, and they have achieved international recognition for their own brand of music.

Their tunes are a blend of modern and traditional music, with the use of different instruments from around the world.

Locally, the band needs no introductions as their performances are a regular highlight at local as well as international music festivals, which include the award winning Rainforest World Music Festival.

Through their performances, ÁT ADAU has helped elevate our local music to the international stage and paid homage to our cultural and musical heritage.

This is similar to what St. Joseph’s Family of Schools is also doing through their past and present musicals and performances.

If you want to catch ÁT ADAU‘s performances, you can do so by watching the “Rhythm and Colour 2022: The Family Celebrates!” which will be staged on Aug 5 and 6 at 7.30 p.m online at

Tickets to the event are sold out and more information about the event can also be obtained from the same site.  You can also make donations towards the school building at the same link as well.

To learn more about St Joseph Private School, you can also check out our past articles.

Cyril Dason

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