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323 food operators at Kuching Festival Food Fair 2022

The coming Kuching Festival will have323 food operators opening their stalls at the Kuching Festival Food Fair 2022, which is part of the festival.

According to DayakDaily, eight Chinese clan-based organisations will also be offering their respective delicacies during the festival this year with the theme ‘Chinese Home Cook Delicacies’.

The event this time around will also further reduce plastic waste as plastic straws and bags are banned during the event.

This comes after the festival organizers banned the use of polystyrene in 2019 for the event.

Kuching Festival Food Fair 2022 lucky draw

Aside from enjoying the massive food offerings, visitors to the food festival can also take part in a lucky draw which will be offering motorcycles worth RM22,070 when they go to the 24-day food fiesta.

All they need to do is register themselves at to get themselves a QR code which can be used to scan their participation at the festival on a daily basis.

There’s not much details mentioned on how winners will be chosen in the DayakDaily article, but if you are lucky enough, the grand prize is a WMOTO EXTREME 150i STD worth RM11,600.

As usual, the Kuching Festival Food Fair is one of the biggest of its kind in Sarawak, and you can enjoy it until it ends this August 21.

For more details about Kuching Festival, feel free to read this entry about Kuching Festival, or check out Sarawak souvenirs here.


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