Sarawak’s very own TV channel, TV Sarawak or TVS, has begin broadcast today over at ASTRO Channel 122.

The channel has been around for quite sometime with dominating local events and happenings through live online streams via social media.

However, the latest and most recent re-branding sees TVS not only change it logo from the Sarawak flag inspired logo, to a more modern and minimalist tvs logo, but also to feature more local Sarawakian content with Sarawak emphasized.

This can be seen through the many shows listed in the channel’s website which are named Culturally Sarawak, Sarawak Nutrition, Rhythm of Borneo, Iban Global, and Borak Teh c Peng.

The programmes are said to be fitting it’s tagline ‘Fresh and Inspiring’ tagline.

Also in the line-up of TVS is popular local Sarawakian talents like Natasha Juan, Osha Basri, Jonathan Ding, Priscilla John and many more.

The channel can be access via ASTRO, ASTRO GO and also ASTRO NJOI.