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Three new development projects for Satok Area

Satok constituency has received an allocations totalling RM4.2 million for three projects, for which tenders had been issued to interested contractors.

The first project to kick off is the installation of LED lighting around Satok area which would cost RM1.2 million. These LED lights would give Satok brighter vision especially at night.

The second project would be the installation of traffic lights to ease congestion at two intersections in Satok. The identified intersections are Jalan Datuk Ajibah Abol/Jalan Haji Mataim intersection, and Jalan Haji Mataim/Jalan Muhibbah intersection. It is understood that each traffic light would cost RM500,000 and both intersections need traffic light due to the huge volume of traffic.

The third project would be the construction of a bridge to connect Kampung Kudei Lama and Kampung Kudei Baru and a bridge at the river mouth of Sungai Bintangor to connect Kampung Masjid and Kampung Madrasah. Both projects would cost RM1 million each.

A police hut is also in plans near Sungai Bintangor.

Source: BP


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