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Sarawakians can come home easier in latest Sarawak entry requirements update

The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) on 16 October 2021 made and announced changes in Sarawak entry requirements for vaccinated individuals from within Malaysia.

If you are looking for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for those coming from outside of Malaysia, kindly read this post.

The latest announcement and SOPs will take effect from 18 October 2021 (Monday).

Based on my understanding, the latest SOPs allow further relaxation to enter Sarawak.

This comes after SDMC announced that quarantine is no longer mandatory for fully vaccinated individuals who can prove they are free of Covid-19.

Aside from that, SDMC also relaxed the ruling of requiring a negative result Covid-19 test result within three days prior to entering Sarawak, with the test now not compulsory anymore for fully vaccinated individuals.

There’s however two different SOPs for vaccinated individuals entering Sarawak.

SOPs to enter Sarawak for vaccinated individuals

The SOPs differ based on if your are a Sarawakian, non – Sarawakian, married to a Sarawakian, or coming into Sarawak due to official duty.

Sarawak entry requirements for fully vaccinated Sarawakians

For Sarawakians, SDMC announced that Sarawakians coming home from other locations in Malaysia will not be required to fill and apply to enter Sarawak via the EnterSarawak app anymore from 18 October 2021 (Monday).

The ruling is further allows fully vaccinated Sarawakians to not come home without requiring quarantine.

Aside from being waived off the EnterSarawak app and quarantine, fully vaccinated Sarawakians will need to ensure they have proof they are fully vaccinated and that their MySejahtera App list them as “Risiko Rendah” or “Kontak Rapat Tidak Bergejala”.

They would still be required to declare their health via the e-Health Declaration Form (eHDF).

Sarawak entry requirements for fully vaccinated non – Sarawakians

However, fully vaccinated non-Sarawakians will still need to use the EnterSarawak app to apply to enter Sarawak, although this will be exempted for individuals below:

  • non – Sarawakians married to a Sarawakian (marriage certificate required)
  • children to Sarawakians (birth certificate required)
  • MM2H visa holders (visa required)
  • Federal officers serving in Sarawak with proof of employment
  • Private sector workers with proof of employment

Those listed above will be required to show proof of their status prior to boarding the plane or boat inbound for Sarawak with checks promised before boarding or at the ICQS.

Sarawak entry requirements for the non – vaccinated

The SOPs for non- vaccinated individuals are different from those fully vaccinated.

Non – vaccinated individual which include partially vaccinated ones, can still enter Sarawak but they are subject to strict measures.

Not only do they need to apply to enter Sarawak using the EnterSarawak app, but they will also be required to undergo a compulsory rt-PCR / RTK Antigen swab test with a negative result three days prior to coming.

These individuals also need to make sure their MySejahtera App list them as “Risiko Rendah” or “Kontak Rapat Tidak Bergejala”, and they will be required to undergo a 10 day mandatory quarantine.

Children under 12 who are accompanied by unvaccinated or partially vaccinated adults will also need to undergo the compulsory rt-PCR / RTK Antigen swab test.

This is the latest SOP update

SDMC updated the new SOPs late 16 October 2021 (11.30PM) after issuing an erroneous one around 6.35PM.

Regardless, it is expected that the new SOPs will be well received by many, particularly those who are looking forward to flying home after being unable to do so for months.

On top of that, Malaysia Airlines is having massive promotions to fly into Sarawak with tickets now priced from RM109 a way to Kuching.


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