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The Sarawak government plans to organize a Sarawak Day festival for this years Sarawak Day.

According to a report by DayakDaily, the festival will be celebrated before 22 July, which is the landmark date for Sarawak’s Independence.

The portal quoted Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports of Sarawak, Dato Sri Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, as saying that the festival is planned in such way to allow Sarawakians to feel the excitement of the celebration, as well as the meaning behind the festival.

Aside from that, the festival will also double as a platform for the Sarawak Government to inform the public on it’s initiatives and policies.

More details on the Sarawak Day Festival will be announced in the near future the article quoted Karim again.

Sarawak Day is the official Sarawak Independence Day public holiday that was gazetted by the government of Sarawak in 2016.

Traditionally, the day is marked with symbolic performances to raise awareness about Sarawak’s past and contributions of its past leaders.

Shall the festival be organized, it will be the first ever of such festival to mark the important date in Sarawak’s history

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