Kuching souvenirs – Where to get them

There’s nothing that says you have been to Kuching subtly than a souvenir or memento which has the word ‘Kuching’ written all over it.

However, my experience of being a foreigner myself at other places tells me that finding the best place to buy souvenirs can be tricky.  Some places charge too high, and some just don’t have enough collections to choose from.

That said, here’s places in Kuching where you can get your hands on Kuching souvenirs and what to expect from them.  I hope they help!


Main Bazaar street is famous for souvenir hunting among many tourist, including locals. You can find practically everything here, from key chains, t-shirts, Sarawak Layer Cake, blow pipes, Orang Utan dolls and many more. Replica artifacts can also be found here. Prices may vary, but due to the abundance of competition, prices are kept low.  Some shops offer credit card options, but do look out for the sign. Bring me here.


Carpenter Street doesn’t have as much souvenir collection as Main Bazaar Street, but there’s ample to look at especially if you are keen to see wooden handicrafts.   Bring me here.


India Street Kuching. Photo by STB
India Street Kuching. Photo by STB

Famous for being a textile and clothing heaven, you can expect to find cheap ‘I love Sarawak’ t-shirts here.  Some of the businesses here have been around for decades and the whole street has evolved into pedestrian mall which is well visited by locals.  Some shops do accept credit card, but most prefer cash terms.  Bring me here.


Serikin is rather far from the city, but it’s very popular among West Malaysians that come to Kuching because there’s a wide array of souvenirs stalls here.  Prices are cheap, and if you are into bargaining, this is the best spot. Bring me here.


Medan Niaga Satok is the front of the Satok Weekend Market

Kubah Ria is essentially a wet market, but during weekends, tonnes of souvenirs are sold at good prices here.  On a normal day, you can still get souvenirs here but there’s not many varieties.  Most West Malaysians come here to buy Sarawak layered cake (Kuih Lapis Sarawak) and Ikan Terubok.  This place is also known as Medan Niaga Satok.


Cyril Dason

Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.

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