Kuching has now returned to being a red zone for Covid-19 cases.

This was highly expected after Kuching recorded 38 Covid-19 cases up-to yesterday, shy of two cases more to being ‘upgraded’.

Today, the Malaysian Health Ministry announced that Sarawak had 8 new cases, with three more added from Kuching via the Sentosa cluster.

This puts Kuching with 41 cases, the biggest in Sarawak and Malaysia Borneo so far, and the only red zone for Covid-19 in Malaysia itself. In fact, it also puts Sarawak as the state with the biggest Covid-19 cases to date.

In case you didn’t know, only local Covid-19 transmissions are considered when declaring the Covid-19 status of an area. Import cases are excluded from the count.

The figures itself are worrying.

Kuching not only has the most local Covid-19 infections but also leaves its closest rival at the moment, Kluang (in Johor), by over 12 cases.

That said, it is hoped that the public will take the matter seriously by not only practicing social distancing, but also wearing a mask and keeping their hands clean to curb the spread of the virus.

We hope the number of cases will go down soon and hope we will win this fight against Covid-19.

Added at 6:30PM
It is noted from an article via DayakDaily that the Sarawak Disaster Management COuncil (SDMC) has stated that Kuching only added one local Covid-19 transmission case, increasing the figure to 39 today.
This therefore puts Kuching as a yellow zone in Covid-19 infections.

The conflicting statements is confusing, so its best to wait for more clarification as different level of covid-19 zones might have different set of rules.