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Kuching Hotel Type

Kuching service apartment

Kuching Service Apartments

Kuching service apartments make up a small percentage of Kuching hotels. They are pricier than Kuching Homestays, but come with better facilities, location and amenities. They are favored by families, large...
Kuching Luxury Hotels

Kuching Luxury Hotels

Kuching luxury hotels usually rank from 4 to 5 star hotels and come with a huge range of amenities. Some are chain hotels, and some are locally managed hotels which...
Kuching Homestays

Kuching Homestays and B&B Accommodations

Kuching Homestays (also called guest houses or holiday homes) are usually privately owned and they are usually best for large groups. This is due to the fact that home stays...
56 Hotel, Kuching Budget Hotel

Kuching Budget Hotels

Kuching Budget Hotels cater for the budget concerned traveler whom are concerned about spending too much on accommodation. Since Kuching is the land of adventure, splurging way too much on...
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