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Kolo Mee and Tuhau makes Malaysia Heritage Food list

Kolo mee is Sarawak tenth dish

The government recently gazetted 10 dishes into its Malaysia National Heritage Food list based on the 2005 National Heritage Act with two of the dishes directly coming from Borneo-Malaysia.

Kolo Mee makes the list and is listed under the staple food category, together with Burusak and Nasi Ambeng while Tuhau, which is popular Kadazan-Dusun ginger-based dish, makes the list under the appetizer category.

Both Kuih Lapis and Kuih Karas, which have origins and is popular in Borneo-Malaysia, had also made the Malaysia National Heritage Food list in the Traditional Cake category.

With Kolo Mee’s listing, there’s now ten dishes which are unique to Sarawak in the National Heritage Food list, though it couldn’t be certain how many dishes are from Sabah in the list.

The full list of food listed as Heritage objects in Malaysia in the declaration can be seen below.

The list of national heritage food is believed to be proposed by each state or region in the country with the Federal Government finalizing the list.

In 2022, the Sarawak government had proposed Laksa Sarawak, Mee Kolok, Nuba Laya, Burasak and Borongko to the list.

Other Sarawak based Malaysia National Heritage Food 

There is 223 food declared as Malaysia National heritage food to date.

Out of the 223, 10 delicacies are uniquly from Sarawak as listed below.

  • Manok Pansoh (declared in 2009)
  • Umai (declared in 2009)
  • Bubur Pedas Sarawak (declared in 2009)
  • Sayur Midin Goreng (declared in 2015)
  • Sarawak Kek Lapis (declared in 2015)
  • Kelupis (declared in 2015)
  • Tebaloi (declared in 2015)
  • Celorot (declared in 2015)
  • Penyaram (declared in 2018)
  • Kolo Mee (declared in 2024)


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