TH Hotel and Convention Centre Kuching
TH Hotel and Convention Centre Kuching

The proposed “Hajj Complex and TH Hotel” is set to be operational in 2017 on a 6.16-acre land. The project cost RM170 million and construction is now on-going.
Tabung haji complex
The project would be the sixth Hajj Complex and TH Hotel in the country to be developed by TH Properties.

Aside from highlighting Sarawak’s cultural uniqueness in its design, the complex design is said to have an eco-friendly building design which includes a Rainforest-inspired landscaping.

Among the facilities listed in the complex and the hotel are:
– a nine-storey hotel with 235 rooms
– banquet halls
– restaurants
– banks
– covered swimming pool for women

A shopping mall may be added in the near future to make the place livelier.


  1. Salam Alaikum..Any vacancies?? For the new TH hOtel?? ? for nxt yr mybe?? Mmmm…if yess…please kindly sent me an email…TQ.. 🙂

  2. […] The Hajj Complex and Hotel, located just opposite the Kuching International Airport is hard to miss as it will be the most unique hotel building in the city when completed in final quarter of 2017.  The unique design of the complex, coupled with the Dayak design in would incorporate would be a landmark by its own for anyone landing at the Kuching International Airport. More details on this project here. […]