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Ching San Yen Temple (Muara Tebas Temple)

Ching San Yen Temple (also known as Muara Tebas Temple) is Buddhist temple which is also called as Chin San Yan Temple or Green Hill Temple by locals.

According to sources, the temple existed on the hill since about 200 years ago, and is a sign of appreciation towards Buddha Bodhisattvas and Mazu (Goddess of the Seas).

In 1903, the temple was renovated and enlarged, and it transformed the physical looks of the temple from an old and dilapidated temple to decorative one.

The second phase of renovation works consisting of one vegetarian dining hall, two public toilets and decorative fencing wall was completed in August 1998.

The third phase renovation works consisting of landscaping of the garden, one fountain and one pail’s of Buddha’s foot print of 108 auspicious articles was completed in October 2000.

In 2022, the temple received RM5 million from the Sarawak government to build the ‘Mazu’ temple.

What to expect

The temple overlooks the South China Sea and is considered a landmark in Kampung Muara Tebas.

Aside from it’s colourful and beautiful architecture, the temple has ‘Foot print of Lord Buddha’ which is something sacred to Buddhist and commonly found in Burmese temples.

Below are some photos of the temple to give you an idea of what to expect if you visit it.

Location of Muara Tebas Temple

The temple is accessible by road from Kuching and takes about 30 – 40 minutes by car.

It is highly advisable to drive or charter a ride if you wish to visit the temple as it is outside of the city and public transport is not present (or unreliable) in the area.

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