Popular trekking destination, Bung Bratak Heritage Centre, will be closed until further notice.

The closure of the centre, as well as all of its trails will begin from Friday, 24 July 2020.

In a brief statement on social media, the centre said that the situation of the Covid-19 Pandemic is the reason of the temporary closure, adding that it will re-open ‘when Covid-19 is dead and gone’.

The statement released by Bung Bratak Association Chairman, Dato Peter Minos said “Because of the current COVID-19 situation in Kuching city and because most if not all hill trekkers and visitors to Bung Bratak are from Kuching city, Bung Bratak Heritage Centre is now immediately and temporarily closed to the public, starting today Friday 24th July 2020 until further notice.”

“We deeply apologise to the hundreds of weekend hill trekkers and visitors from Kuching city and all other places for the inconveniences.

“When COVID-19 is dead and gone, Bung Bratak will be opened again.

“We do the above in the interest of public health and public safety. And in support of government’s efforts in getting rid of the dreaded COVID-19 from spreading and hurting Malaysians.” the statement said.

Bung Bratak which is located in Bau, Kuching, is a popular destination among trekkers as it provides a mesmerizing view of the Bidayuh heartland of Bau.

It is located some 45 minutes from Kuching City with the hike up to the centre taking just under two hours.