The Batu Kawah Riverbank Park is a five phase park development in the Batu Kawa area, just about twenty minutes from the main city centre of Kuching.

It cost RM8.8 million and Padawan Municipal Council is the implementing agency.

It covers an area of 15.6 acres, with a 2km walkway from the Chinese temple at the Batu Kawa Old Bazaar all the way to Kampung Rantau Panjang on the other end.  The Rantau Panjang end is still under construction.

The project was initiated in 2018, and phase one and two has opened on 8 November 2021.

What to expect at Batu Kawah Riverbank Park

Entrance to the Riverbank park is free, but the main attraction, the Sky Bridge (also known as Sky Window), has it’s operational hours.

The Sky Bridge is only open from 8AM to 10PM daily.  Security personnel are stationed at the lower floor of the bridge to disallow anyone from going up to the bridge after 9.45PM.

You can climb to the top of the bridge using stairs, or with an elevator.  Both methods to climb the Sky Bridge are usable on both sides of the bridge.

From the 10-storey, 30-tonne 100-foot long sky deck which makes the Sky Bridge, you will enjoy a magnificent view of Batu Kawah and the Sarawak River as you can see below.

Surrounding the Sky Bridge is numerous interesting structures which include preserved wetlands, the Galaxy Bridge, and the Seven Fairies art.

Photos of the riverbank park can be seen below.

Future development

Phase 3 of the Batu Kawah Riverbank Park will link all these four phases, with sensual glass bridge over Sungai Moyan.

The fourth phase which is funded by the federal government has begun, while the fifth phase which involved works at Kampung Rantau Panjang will be funded by the Sarawak government and implemented by the state Drainage and Irrigation Department.

Once the riverbank park is fully completed, it will be the biggest freshwater wetland parks in the country.

How to go to the Batu Kawah Riverbank Park

For now, the best way to get to the park is by by private car or taxi.

Driving here is the best option as public transportation in Kuching is still pretty much unreliable.  Public busses also do not go through the park as far as I know.

For those driving, parking is available, but limited.

If you intend to go here, the map below will help.


Since the riverbank park is still not completed, one can expect a lot more when it’s finally finished.

Either way, it’s good to see how riverbanks are slowly being improved to not only make it more sustainable, but also provide additional recreational places for all.

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