This Kuching Food Tour post isn’t offering you such tour, but rather offering you an idea of what you should have in Kuching.

You can always rent a car in Kuching to check out the laces mentioned.

Kuching City is known for having some of the best food in Malaysia, and perhaps South East Asia. Despite that however, one can easily have a different opinion on what they have tasted, if they go to the wrong places.

Here, I share with you what I would recommend for an amazing Kuching food experience.

FOR BREAKFAST: Laksa Sarawak, or Mee Kolok

Kuching food tour
Laksa Sarawak is a popular choice for breakfast. – Photo by Cyril Dason

Nothing says ‘wake up’ like a good bowl of Laksa Sarawak, and I have the best place for you to try it out listed here. My personal favourite would be Alfred’s and Ahid’s, but celebrity chef Antony Bourdain would recommend Chong Choon.

If you are not into spicy stuff (Laksa), the Mee Kolok is the next best thing on the list. I haven’t come up with a list of great places to eat Mi Kolok (or Kolok Mee) in Kuching til now because most places do serve it at it’s best. For the best experience, order ‘Mee Kolok merah’, or ‘Red kolok mee’.

FOR LUNCH: Dayak economy rice

Red rice is part of the Dayak food menu. Found mostly in Dayak cafes – Photo by Cyril Dason

Lunch can be tricky in the Cat City as not many places serve unique dishes. However, there’s been a boom in Dayak economy rice lately, and I can’t help but promote this to everyone since it is considered something different.

Choice of Dayak food in Sorai Cafe for lunch. – Photo by Cyril Dason

To order, simply get a plate of rice from the person in charge (sometimes you can scoop it yourself), and head on to the selection of dishes available and make your pick. In most places, you take the dishes yourself, and head back to the paying counter after you are done selecting your dishes.

The famous Dayak Economy Rice places are Patz Kitchen in Stutong, and Aroma Cafe (halal) in the town center. However, newly relocated Sorai Cafe is also having their Dayak economy rice servings sold out.

If you prefer ala-carte, the Dayak food listing for Kuching I made would give you an idea to complete this Kuching food tour for lunch.

FOR TEA BREAK: ABC and Ice Kacang

White Lady, a popular desert in Kuching – Photo by Cyril Dason

If the weather is super hot, this would be the perfect desert.  It’s cold, its sweet, and it’s cheap!  Sold at very specific places in Kuching, these deserts popularly known as ABC, Ice Kacang and White Lady (photo) are made of ice, fruits and a whole lot of colourful things that can make a hot day seem so chill.  The best place to get one would be at Swee Kang Ice Kacang in Jalan Wan Alwi, but you can also find good ones also sold at Jubilee HexagonSong Kheng Hai Hawker Center, and Reservoir’s Summer House.


Salted Egg Crab cooked and served in iCafe, Kuching – Photo by Cyril Dason

Kuching isn’t exactly near the sea, but seafood here is relatively cheap and fresh.  For Kuching people, dinner is always the best time to go all out, and nothing says just that with a good meal of seafood specials.

The top orders would be Ambal Kari (Ambal cooked in curry), Midin belacan (Midin fried in shrimp paste), Sea Cucumber soup, Fried Oyster Egg and Crabs cooked with salted egg.

For a list of places you can enjoy these super seafood, locals like myself would recommend these seafood places.


To be frank, there is no write or wrong when it comes to what you want to have during your Kuching food tour.

You could have any of the food I listed above at any given time, like having Dayak food for dinner as well.

However, this Kuching food tour guide is presented in such a way that eateries recommended are open when you are looking for them.

Anyway, good luck on your food tour, and if you have any suggestions of comments, hit the comment section!