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Sarawak General Hospital Kuching

Sarawak General Hospital Kuching is the largest hospital in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia with 1005 beds.

It is the main tertiary and referral hospital in East Malaysia. In its earlier years it was known as Kuching General Hospital.

Aside from serving as a public hospital, the Sarawak General Hospital also serves as a teaching hospital for a wide field of medical and allied health personnel.

The medical faculty of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak also uses the hospital as a teaching hospital for its medical students.

In November 2022, it was announced that the hospital would have a 108 field hospital dedicated to infectious disease.

In December 2022, RM600K was allocated to build an Interfaith Prayer Area in the hospital.

On May 2023, some 6.5 million was allocated to SGH to upgrade Muslim’s prayer area (surau) into a mosque with the name Masjid Al Mushtasfa.


The Sarawak General Hospital Kuching offers an almost complete range of healthcare services for their patients, and is well linked with other referral hospitals and agencies within Malaysia.

The hospital has it’s own Specialist Center and has also branched out to Samarahan with the opening of the Sarawak Heart Centre.

The Heart Centre was ranked the third best Cardiology specialized hospital in Malaysia in 2023.


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Located in the central hub of Kuching, the hospital owns its own building and is the most centrally located hospital in Kuching City.

To go to this hospital, the map below would be a great guide.

Address: Jalan Hospital, 93586 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Phone Number: +6082276666, 999 (Emergency)
Website: https://hus.moh.gov.my

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