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Kuching ART system routes made clearer

The Kuching ART system routes have now been made public with several stops announced in previous plans being either dropped or scaled to other phases of the Kuching Urban Transportation System (KUTS) project.

Based on a route map of the Kuching ART system which was released by Sarawak Metro, the first phase of the system will now cover 31 stops with 2 interchanges which cover the stations below.

  • SR5 Kuching Sentral
  • SR6 Kuching International Airport
  • SR7 Pelita Height
  • SR8 Tun Jugah
  • SR9 VivaCity
  • SR10 Jalan Tun Razak
  • SR11 Pending
  • DM1 Darul hana
  • DM2 Wisma bapa Mmalaysia
  • DM3 Menara Pelita
  • DM4 Stadium
  • DM5 Yayasan Sarawak
  • DM6 Bandar Baru Samariang
  • DM7 Sg Batu
  • DM8 Santubong
  • DM9 Damai Central
  • SM0 Rembus
  • SM1 Summer Mall
  • SM2 Aiman Mall
  • SM5 Sarawak Heart Centre
  • SM6 Riveria
  • SM7 Stutong
  • SM8 e-Mart
  • SM9 Wisma Wan
  • SM10 The Spring
  • SM12 Batu Lintang
  • SM13 Sarawak General Hospital
  • SM14 Hikmah Exchange

What changed in the Kuching ART System

If you remember the previous route plan (which you can see here), the first phase of the Kuching ART System which is also called KUTS, was supposed to begin from Kota Padawan (Batu 12), but it seems that such plan has been pushed back for later stages of the system.

Sarawak Metro seems to promote colour coded lines as opposed to locality names this time around with the company emphasising on colour coded names instead.

That said, there’s three different lines now, namely the Red Line which starts in Kuching Sentral, the Blue Line which starts in Rembus, and the Green Line which starts in Pending.

The Red Line covers about 12.3 km in length, the Blue Line covers about 27.6 km, while the Green Line is about 30km. In total, there’s 69.9 km of route.

Previously, the Samarahan Line was known as the Red Line, and the Serian Line was known as the Blue Line. This time around, the routes for both lines are not only slightly different and had been reconfigured, but there’s also a third line; Green Line.

The Green Line combines stations previously placed under both Samarahan and Serian Lines respectively, with it going on until Damai Central.

More on Kuching ART System

If you need more information on the Kuching ART System, feel free to read this recollection of what has been made public by Sarawak Metro on KUTS.

Else, feel free to find tours and Sarawak related items at the link below.

Cyril Dason

Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.

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