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Best of Kuching features listings of things that trend in Kuching.  Each listing here is frequently updated to showcase what’s favored in Kuching by locals.

When seeking the best, a list of other options are also provided, with brief explanations also provided on why such a place/destination/item is considered the best.

Among the items listed here are food, attractions, activities and hotels/accommodation.

The list of the items will change according to time so do check back this category from time to time.


Places to get a massage in Kuching

If you need a massage in Kuching City, then this article will be perfect for you as I am highlighting the best places to...

Popular places to eat seafood in Kuching City

While Kuching might not be close to the sea, but seafood in Kuching is comparatively cheap and equally fresh if compared to those available...

Places you must visit in Kuching, Sarawak

Kuching has a variety of wonderful places you must visit and must see sites. They are scattered around the whole of Kuching but if one...

Historical places in Kuching / Kuching heritage trail

There are quite a number of historical places in Kuching which one can visit,  especially if one is interested to check out these places. In...
Riverside Majestic

Top 10 Best Shopping Malls In Kuching

Kuching is slowly becoming a shopping heaven with many shopping malls popping up. Due to the significant growth of shopping malls, and the fact...

The best Fried Crispy Tomato Mee in Kuching

Kuching has a lot of delicious food, and one of its very own signature dish is the ever popular Fried Crispy Tomato Mee. It is...

Dayak Food in Kuching : What and where

When looking for specialty, Dayak food in Kuching is a gaining popularity and several places have emerged in town serving the best of such...

10 things to do in Kuching – As recommended by a local

If you are coming to Kuching and you want to know things you can do in Kuching with limited time, here's my recommendations as...

Best things to do in Kuching

Kuching has it's very own charms and this list of top 10 things to do in Kuching would definitely help you up if you...

Places to visit in Kuching: The Colonial Heritage Sites

Kuching has over the years retained much of it's colonial buildings and restored them to perfection with the Kuching Waterfront itself showing off rows...

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