Fort Margherita Kuching

Fort Margherita is an old fort that was built in the Brooke era of Sarawak.

It was constructed in 1879 by Charles Brooke, Rajah of Sarawak, and named after his wife Margaret Alice Lili de Windt.

About the fort

The fort mimics an English castle and it was designed to protect Kuching from being attacked by pirates.

After Sarawak gained independence and formed Malaysia, it was made a Police Museum from 1971.

Later on, the fort was handed over to the Sarawak Government.

In 2016, the fort was turned into a museum known as The Brooke Gallery and is now considered one of Kuching’s most prized museums.

What to expect

The fort gives visitors a glimpse of the colonial era in Kuching.

The mini-museum (Brooke gallery) allows visitors to learn more about the Rajah rule in Sarawak.

You can see the photos below to get an idea of what the fort has to offer. Photos below are from the Gallery’s Facebook page.

How to go to Fort Margherita

I would recommend going to the gallery by boat (Penambang) as the ride is unique to Kuching. Alternatively, you can also go by foot, or by hiring a taxi.

Going by boat

  1. Go to the Kuching Waterfront and head to the Pangakalan Sapi Kuching Waterfront jerry (it is located near Darul Hana Bridge),
  2. Take a boat towards Pangkalan Sapi where Kampung Boyan is located (You can read about taking the boat here). A ride takes about RM1/person per trip.
  3. At Pangkalan Sapi, walk about 500m your left towards a white building which looks like a fort.
The Brooke Gallery is the white fort (Fort Margherita). – Photo by Brooke Gallery.

Going by foot

  1. Go to the Kuching Waterfront and head to the Darul Hana Bridge.
  2. Use the bridge to cross the Sarawak River.
  3. At Pangkalan Sapi, walk about 500m your left towards a white building which looks like a fort.

To get a clearer picture of where the gallery is located, the map below can be a good guide.

Operating hours and fees

Visiting the fort means you are visiting The Brooke Gallery. This means you need to adhere to the operating hours for Brooke Gallery as seen below.

  • Monday – Sunday & Public Holidays: 9am – 4.45pm

In terms of entrance fees, a nominal fee is charged when entering the gallery. Rates are seen below.

  • Local (Malaysian): RM 10
  • Global (Non-Malaysian): RM 20
  • Concession: RM 5
  • Children (under 7): Free

The gallery also managed The Ranee Museum, and hence offers special Explorer Passes (to visit both museums; Brooke Gallery and Ranee Museum) for those wanting to visit both as seen below.

  • Local (Malaysian): RM 15
  • Global (Non-Malaysian): RM 30

Dress code and rules

There is no dress code when visiting Fort Margherita.  However, I would advice using comfortable clothing as Kuching’s weather can be hot and humid.

More about Fort Margherita

If you feel you need more information about Fort Margherita, or want to explore more about Kuching, check out the links below.

Cyril Dason

Cyril Dason was born and currently lives in Kuching. He loves jungle trekking, clean rivers and chilling out with friends.
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