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Details of Borneo Sonic Music Festival (BSMF) 2023 tickets

Details of the Borneo Sonic Music Festival (BSMF) 2023 tickets were announced by the organizers today at about 9PM.

This comes as many anticipate to fly in to Kuching to watch the likes of Taeyang (Big Bang), CL (2NE1), HYO (Girls’ Generation), Suho (EXO), Autralian DJ Havana Brown, and American rap legend Fatman Scoop which will be performing at the festival from 6-7 October 2023.

The information released includes major details regarding seating and frequently asked questions to the event.

Prices of Borneo Sonic Music Festival 2023 tickets

As earlier mentioned, tickets are sold as a 2-day pass, from RM488, with the most expensive ticket hitting RM1,288.

Initially, there were only four categories announced, but it seems the organizers had decided to add a 5th category.

The ticket prices are all free standing with a VIP 2-day pass costing RM1,288. and CAT-1 priced at RM888.  These tickets will be on the field, closest to the stage area.

Free seating tickets, which will be seated on the Stadium seats, start with CAT-2 at RM788, CAT-3 at RM688, CAT-4 at RM588 and CAT-5 at RM488.

You can see the full breakdown of the tickets below.

Borneo Sonic Music Festival 2023 category area

The organizers had also improved the seating graphics for the tickets with their latest announcement.

Now, fans are able to see how close they are to the main stage of the concert.  The seating also revealed that the Stadium Sarawak will be used horizontally for the concert, instead of vertically.

This means those in CAT-3, CAT-4 and CAT-5 will not be too far from the main stage.

The arrangement for each category of ticket during the Borneo Sonic Music Festival 2023 can be seen below.

When can you buy Borneo Sonic Music Festival 2023 tickets

As mentioned previously, you can purchase the BSMF 2023 tickets from 18 August 2023.

However, the organizers have decided to split ticket purchase time according to the type of ticket one wants to purchase.

Those interested to grab the VIP tickets will first be able to purchase their tickets at 9AM on the 18 August 2023, before other categories.

It seems the organizers are confident ticket sales would be brisk as there isn’t any mention of tickets being sold on other dates.

Entry into the festival grounds

The organizers later decided to introduce seated numbers for those taking up CAT-2, CAT-3, CAT-4 and CAT-5.

To control the anticipated crowd, organizers intend to limit the number of people entering the venue at a time with only 500 people allowed to enter at a time.

The policy of entrance is known as ‘First-Buy-First-Entry’, which meant each category’s first 500 ticket buyers will enter the venue first followed by the next 500 purchasers and so forth.

To facilitate this, the organizers also released a detailed layout which now includes the numbers for each zone as seen below.

This means while you are able to choose your concert zones, you are not able to choose your seats, as well as when you enter as it will be automatically allocated when you purchase the tickets.  There is also a chance you may not be seating with your friends if you buy the tickets separately.

CAT-5 zone remains free seating and could be your best chance to sit with your large group of friends if you are not purchase tickets at the free-standing VIP and CAT-1 zones.

Entry into the festival

Entry into the festival would only be allowed if you are wearing your BSMF wristband.

Wristbands will be issued on 6 October 2023 and there will only be 5 entry and exit ways to and from the venue. The entrance and exits are marked in brown in the image above.

Entry into the festival will be using electronic turnstiles.


If you are not clear about what you can do and can’t do, the organizers of the festival had also published a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which may help answer inquiries you have.

They are listed below.

More on Borneo Music Festival (BSMF)

If you need more details on the Borneo Music Festival (BSMF) 2023, feel free to check out any of the links below.

This page will also be updated from time to time when new information is obtained.

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