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Where To Get Cheap Souvenirs In Kuching

What you can find: Carpenter street is famous for souvenior hunting among many tourist, including locals. You can find practically everything here, from key chains, Sarawak Layer Cake, blow pipes, Orang Utan dolls and many more. Prices may vary, but it is advisable to bargain.
Location: Located just across the road from the Kuching Waterfront.
Major landmarks: Kuching Old Post Office, Kuching Waterfront, Chinese Museum, Tua Pek Kong
Location of Google Map here.

What you can find: Famous for being a textile and clothing heaven, you can expect to find cheap ‘I love Sarawak’ t-shirts. You can also find spices and the most sought after salted terubok fish (Ikan terubok masin).
Location: India Street, Kuching, Sarawak
Major landmarks: Electra House, Kuching Waterfront, Old court house.
Location of Google Map here.

What you can find: You can find a lot of handicraft and local food here at cheaper prices.
Location: Kampung Serikin, Bau, Kuching.
How you can get there: You can take a taxi, but it is advisable to drive or get a local to guide you since it is about 1 hour from Kuching and in the interiors of Kuching.
Landmarks: None available
Location of Google Map here.

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