There are plans to create Kuching’s very own Kuching Craft Centre in the near future.

Borneo Post reported that the idea was proposed by Sarawak Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, who suggested that such centre will be able to further promote traditional crafts as it will not only be a place to sell crafts, but also allow tourist to learn more about them.

“We actually consider the Sarawak Craft Council Office, Gallery and Retail Outlets as just an office where tourists can come and buy Sarawakian crafts, but this place will act as a centre for crafts, for now. The Sarawak Craft Council Office, Gallery and Retail Outlets is however located in the heart of the city after all,” said Abdul Karim.

The same news report also said that the Craft Centre would be ready in 2022, and it might be housed in an existing building.

This is opposed to the current trend of building purpose built buildings to cater for specific needs as seen now.

The many crafts on display during the RWMF

Despite that, Karim didn’t discount that the government will make the new Kuching Craft Centre an iconic building, saying that it should be located in a strategic are.

“Apart from realizing that Kuching is in need of a proper craft centre and the state government has taken up the challenge to build it, it also has to be in a strategic place in the city where it can be accessed easily by everyone. We want this place to be an iconic place for Kuching too,” he added.

Currently, Kuching already has the Sarawak Craft Council Office, Gallery and Retail Outlets at the Sarawak Steamship Building at Kuching Waterfront.