Beyond Kuching

Beyond Kuching highlights articles about things and items which are not in Kuching.

Here, I talk about special places I have visited to share with the followers and readers of KuchingBorneo.

The word “Beyond Kuching” is to show that the articles are about places or things outside of Kuching.

Built-in cabinet and wardrobe makers in Kuching

With houses now shrinking in size, the need to have a professional built-in cabinet maker is important because built-in cabinets not only save space,...

How to Escape the Fear of Flying

You might perfectly know that all the fears are exclusively in our head and you can get rid of them with the power of...

Kemudahan pelancongan Bahagian Serian dinaik taraf

Kerajaan Sarawak akan membelanjakan sebanyak RM2.5juta untuk kerja-kerja naik taraf Ranchan Pool yang merupakan salah satu pusat peranginan popular di Bahagian Serian. Butir-butir berkenaan naik...

Pusat Konvensyen dan pusat pentadbiran baru dibina di Bandar Baru Serian

Sebuah pusat konvensyen yang berkeupayaan menampung seramai 2,000 orang pada satu-satu masa bakal dibina di bandar Serian dalam masa tiga tahun akan datang. Pusat konvensyen tersebut...
Timberland Medical Centre Kuching

Private hospitals and specialist centers in Kuching

Healthcare is an important part of the city and with many now able to pay for private healthcare services, here's the list of private...

Bandar Serian bakal ada pusat membeli-belah & hotel

Sejak dinaik taraf menjadi salah satu daripada 12 bahagian di Sarawak, Bandar Serian semakin mendapat perhatian dengan pelbagai projek pembangunan. Terbaru adalah perancangan pihak Tecktonic And Sons...

Ranchan Pool Recreation Park, Serian

Ranchan Pool Recreation Park, popularly known as Ranchan among locals is a place to enjoy a cool dip in a clear moving stream of...

Fort Sylvia, Kapit

The Fort Sylvia is a historical building located in Kapit town in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia. Built in 1880, it was renamed after Rani...

Learning while on tour in Kuching

Touring and traveling in Kuching comes with exciting and memorable experience of new events, knowledge, and experience. The vast number of historical buildings, traditional...

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