Singgahsana Lodge Kuching is a popular choice among foreign and local tourist on a tight budget, but wish to still enjoy a prime located place to bunk. Rates at Singgahsana start at only RM29 on

Located in the heart of the city of Kuching, the lodge offers hostel like accommodation and secure entry to all visitors, with bars and eateries just around the corner.  Non residents will not be able to enter Singgahsana without an access card.

Aside from being near to 24-hour shops, Singgahsana is also located at one of Kuching’s busiest tourist spots, sandwiched between the Kuching Chinatown, the Kuching Waterfront, and the more urban city center of the city where Hilton Hotel is located.

As I have not stayed at the lodge personally, I am not able to say much on the service and accommodation, but can recommend it as a central place to most attractions.

One of the best selling points of the Singgahsana is that it has a nice bar located on the upper deck of the building, and it is perfect to use for relaxing and people watching.

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