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Aroma Cafe, Kuching

This little gem is located within walking distance from the Kuching City centre and takes pride to be one of the earlier establishments that offer a selected number of...

Batik Boutique Hotel, Kuching

Located just in the center of Kuching City is award winning Batik Boutique Hotel, a three star, 70 room hotel. While it may not look much from outside,...
tHe Spring's Oktoberfest

tHe Spring’s Oktoberfest – It’s not to be missed

I happen to stumble upon tHe Spring's Oktoberfest today. Apparently, it's the first day of the 10 day Oktoberfest. Here's the thing. The Spring has been organizing Oktoberfest for 3...
Kuching Shopping Mall reopening

Plaza Merdeka, Kuching

Plaza Merdeka is a six floors shopping mall which was officially opened on 12 December 2012. The mall is located on top of a land which used to house a few abandon...

Mount Singai, Bau

Mount Singai in Bau, Kuching is better known for its pilgrimage purposes among Catholics. Lately however, many have ascended Mount Singai in seek of adventure and to experience its mountain...

RWMF Tips: What to do at the RWMF

Many have heard of the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF), but there's many who also question 'What to do at the RWMF'? Well, if you are still sort of wondering...

Sorai Cafe, Tabuan Tranquility

Tucked a little far from E-mart Batu Kawa (NOTE: Beginning April, Sorai Cafe has moved to Tabuan Tranquility, and while the location is new, the food remains as authentic...

The Best Time To Visit Kuching and Why

Many may wonder, when is the best time to visit Kuching. Well, as a local, I believe that any trip between May – September will be memorable. The weather...


Most people would ask, 'Why should I go to Kuching?'. We can't exactly give you a reason, but here's what we have gathered from many visitors: THE HIDDEN PARADISE Kuching is...
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