Mango Tree Restaurant is probably one of the oldest Thai restaurants in Kuching city, and it is quite well known among many Thai food lovers. The restaurant does catering, and also has its own Thai looking venue, perfect for you to host your big day.

Mango Tree Restaurant has served Thai dishes for over Twenty years. With the inspiration and belief of its C.E.O. – Mr. Phithaya Phanphensophon, that every guest should be treated as if they were coming into your own home. He shares this with every guest through his passion for photography and a large display of cameras spanning many eras that can be seen as you enter the restaurant.
Mango Tree, Thai food
Mango Tree’s menu offers a wide variety of selections, from today’s popular Thai dishes to traditional dishes, from all regions. All dishes are created from a careful selection of ingredients, sauces, and herbs, and from the chefs’ culinary expertise in Thai cuisine. These have made Mango Tree become well-known among both Thais and foreigners.

The restaurant is a branch of the Mango Tree Restaurant in Soi Tantawan, Thailand.

Mango Tree, Kuching 4
Mango Tree, Kuching 5
As a venue, Mango Tree provides an elegant air conditioned dining room, surrounded by a traditional Thai garden. The restaurant is spacious anc can accommodate some 300 guest. It also has basic Audio Visual facilities, and some parking space.

Those interested to obtain their services, can contact the following details:
The Mango Tree
Crookshank Road, Kuching,
Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel: (6082)235353
Fax: (6802)242290

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  1. I had my wedding here and the space was awesome. The staff were exceptional too. My only disappointment was the food which was rather average.

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