There is no denying that Kuching City is fast growing, and with massive projects being announced every now and then, here’s the projects which made our list of ‘Projects worth to keep and eye on’. The list is based on how these projects would greatly affect how Kuching would look like in the future, and based on what we know off.


Development of malls have been going well in Kuching City, but AEON Mall Central Park would look to dwarf all the other malls once it is completed this year (2017). Boasting a gross area of 700,000 square feet, the mall that is now slowly taking shape at Central Park here in Kuching, would set to change not only the retail outlook in Kuching, but also give pressure to existing malls which are already struggling to increase tenantship. Read more about AEON Central Park here.


Darul Hana Development Project is massive project which the Sarawak Government has planned for several years already. The project involves the relocation of several villages along the Sarawak river into a more organized and modern environment. Once completed, the layout from the Tun Salahuddin bridge (also known as Toll Bridge) up to the Kuching Court House would be massively changed. The project is slated to be competed in beyond the 2030 mark.


Hikmah Exchange would be the new government office building in the future. Slated to be competed in 2020, the 23 storey building would increase the number of high-rise buildings in the Satok area, changing what now is a more ‘kampung baru like area’ into what would mimic a major commercial area. The fact that government offices would be asked to move here would mean that this area would be congested once the building is operational. Read more about Hikmah Exchange here.


Kuching Isthmus would be developed on 774-acre land near Sejingkat, in which major buildings related to business would be built. Currently, Kuching Isthmus, or The Isthmus as some may call it, already has the Borneo Convention Centre (BCCK), the UCSI Hotel, a marina, and the Sarawak Energy head office, with many more buildings now under plans and being constructed. Once completed, the Isthmus would be one of Kuching’s biggest and most modern Central Business Districts. More about Kuching Isthmus here.


MetroCity would definitely transform Matang area into a huge commercial hub as the 183-acre satellite city would be the first to have a building above 5-storeys in this area. With part of the shop houses already occupied, MetroCity is currently developing its mall, the biggest in the area so far, with future plans to bing in a college, private hospital and a hotel. Read more about MetroCity here.


Sarawak Museum Complex -

The radical shape of the building, said to be ‘Sarawakian’ infused would definitely make the old Kuching City Centre, in the future known as the Kuching Historic trail, look very different. Now under construction, the new complex will definitely be a landmark you can’t miss. Read more on the Sarawak Museum Complex here.


TH Hotel and Convention Centre Kuching

The Hajj Complex and Hotel, located just opposite the Kuching International Airport is hard to miss as it will be the most unique hotel building in the city when completed in final quarter of 2017.  The unique design of the complex, coupled with the Dayak design in would incorporate would be a landmark by its own for anyone landing at the Kuching International Airport. More details on this project here.


Located across the Sarawak River, just sandwiched between the Sarawak State Legislative and the ASTANA would be a new iconic bridge, known as the Kuching Golden Bridge.  The bridge which is currently under construction was supposed to be ready by 2015, but is still undergoing construction in 2017. Once ready, it will entirely change how the Kuching Waterfront looks like. Read more about the Golden Bridge here.


Located some 20 minutes from Kuching City center is the Borneo Samariang Resort City, which will change the lifestyle of Kuching people as it comes with a water theme park and a safari park, two places that are currently non-existent in Kuching.  The massive 500 acre of land where the project sits would join the already massive Samariang housing area developed by CMS, hence creating one of Kuching’s biggest planned housing area to date. More on Borneo Samariang Resort City here.

NOTE: More projects to be updated here soon when we get information, projects that are completed would be removed.