You might perfectly know that all the fears are exclusively in our head and you can get rid of them with the power of thought and only with a strong desire. Do not shift responsibility to others. Only you decide whether to be afraid or not.

For many people, the most difficult periods of flying are take-offs and landings, and turbulence, of course. Such passengers are always sitting with a belt, sweaty palms and eyes filled with fear. They cannot calm down even if they have to. What to do with such a fear? How can you escape it? Find out with Russian Singles!

1. Watch others. When you keep an eye on other people, you get distracted and your brain calms down a little. Try, for example, to watch the stewardesses. It’s their everyday routine. Someone goes to the office, and someone has this very “office” located at the height of 10 km. Sometimes they have time, socialize with them, they might be happy to support the conversation.

2. Don’t drink alcohol. It doesn’t help and its consumption only worsens your condition. The body is dehydrated, and after the flight, you feel broken and tired. When people complain that they are not great with air travel, they usually don’t take into account how much they have drunk for several hours. It isn’t worth the caused harm. Drink water better. Just water. Not tea, not juice, but water. It is the best choice on any board.

3. Read a book. Reading is one of the most effective ways to divert attention. Take any interesting book with yourself and even a long trip will become shorter. The famous psychologist Alan Carr made a number of publications that help to overcome fears and obstacles. One of them is “The easy way to enjoy flying”. It is written in a very simple language, with humor, and on the topic. The author tells in detail about the work of an aircraft, engines, and crew during takeoff and landing and, of course, about turbulence. The planes are made with taking into account the worst weather conditions. The more you know, the easier it is for you to understand the flight process and finally accept the fact that there is nothing to worry about.

4. Watch a film. Prepare some interesting films or TV series on your laptop in advance. Maybe there are some films that want but didn’t have enough time to watch. You will have a wonderful opportunity to spend its nervous time with pleasure and don’t think about the flight at all. Nowadays you can watch some recorded films on a plane without taking your own devices.

5. Search the internet. You can go to the internet to look for the friends’ updates (yeah, it’s available too), chat with a companion, discuss pleasant plans for the upcoming vacation or a weekend. After all its a perfect chance to sort out the terrible number of photos and video in your phone.

Fear is quite a normal feeling. Everyone is sometimes afraid. The main thing is to try not to wind it up and find your own way to calm down and distract yourself from bad thoughts.
Listen to the instructions of cabin crew and don’t forget about the water. And, of course, fly with pleasure and only on pleasant occasions.